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Posted by on 21st Aug 2013 in M4DUB | 0 comments

When does a VW Become a throw away car?

When does a VW Become a throw away car?

So we’ve been really busy over the last to weeks, we’ve been flat out 7 days a week and the workshop is jam packed. If you follow our Facebook page then you’d have seen that the gearbox on my Leon decided to tear the thread out of the dog bone mount. So with the Leon off the road awaiting a new gearbox I’ve been driving the worlds worst MK4 Golf.                                                                    Golf

This golf is a prime example of how not to look after a car. It’s a V reg golf GTi 2.0 so the engine runs sweat as a nut. But the rest of the car has been left to fall in to a state of disrepair. The bumpers are held on with cable ties, the front bumper is missing the lower splitter and lower grills. The paint work is satin black and there are DA marks in the rear glass. The interior  is worn with a tear in the drivers seat and the arm rest is broken (Typical MK4). The cup holder doesn’t work and some other bits but you get the idea.

So when does a VW become a throw away car?

These things have not all broken at once, so this car has had a gradual slip in to decline. Ebay is a wonder place and all the missing/damaged parts would cost between £20-£50 to replace.

MK2 Golf are my first love, I’ve spent £75 on a CD holder and hundreds on wheels & tyres so it’s really sad to see when people think spending £50 on a new drivers seat and maybe 5 minutes (even a novice with a very basic set of tools could change it in 10 mins) is to much effort.

Here’s the question – when will MK4 Golf parts be listed on ebay as rare?


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